About Us

Silver Shoal is constructed from a single edition of a reprint of the original 1771 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, dipped or covered in encaustic, and aluminum roofing nails. Support structure is made from poplar, wire, and miles of thread and rope. It was assembled at our studios at '57 Biscayne and subsequently moved to its current location.

Dara Solliday

is an encaustic artist, using the medium as a vehicle for mixed media. Her work combines architectural images of land pattern, structure, and urban development into multi-layered views of home and landscape. 

In her paintings, she reconstructs historic images of land projects in graphite drawing and encaustic mixed media; incorporating 19th century newspapers, 20th century text, and schematic visuals. The resulting surfaces are heavily worked, implying their own synchronous history as a construction site. 

The process of encoding successive layers and bringing together disparate visual mass carries over to her installation work.



Savina Mason

works mainly in encaustic. An editor at heart, her work is often focused on finding the bare minimum of elements needed to give an idea visual form. As she constantly experiments, her palette of technique, color, and materials is broad, and changes greatly with each project. Previous work as a designer informs a distinctive approach to working with color. Conception of landform, observed and imagined, is a recurring theme of her work.



Dara Solliday and Savina Mason